About Our Agents

SHERRY WILDEY Broker/Owner of Darby Realty was born and raised in Darby, Montana on a ranch her parents owned on the West side of Darby.  Sherry is a true Montanan; a rarity anymore since we have a lot of new comers from other states.  Sherry has been with Darby Realty for thirteen years, lives with her husband, Russ, and has three grown children and four grandchildren.  Sherry has seen a lot of changes to the valley over the past few years as more people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Montana lifestyle.  We go to Sherry when we want a history lesson of the Bitterroot Valley and some of it's families.

STEVEN WHEELER relocated to beautiful Darby, Montana about 3 years ago, from Las Vegas, Nevada.  He and his wife have two grown children.  After 30 years as a business owner, he feels he is ready for the challenge of selling your property or finding that perfect property to meet your needs.

We would also like to remind you that our agents will be happy to represent you as a Buyer's Agent in any Real Estate transaction.  This means you will have representation by a skilled, trained agent at no expense to you.  We can provide you with information on listed property.  We can also represent you as a Buyer's Broker  to find property for you.  This is a good way to go when purchasing property in unfamiliar areas.  We have access to all listings.

Call us at 406-821-3059, email us for a printout and information on any listing, ours or any other office.